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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Toy Fair 2016 Trends Part 2: Foxes and unicorns and llamas, oh my!

Toy Fair 2016 Trends Part 2: Foxes and unicorns and llamas, oh my!

If your child is an animal fanatic, 2016 is going to be a great year for toys: we saw an amazing array of animals at Toy Fair this year. A few particular kinds of critters dominated the room – but let’s start by checking out what some of our favorite brands were up to.

For starters, Green Toys is introducing more animal figurines and more animal-centric playsets, starting with this super-cool farm:

green toys farm

They’re also releasing a fire station playset, with these two cute little firefighter kitties!

green toys fire kitties

You’ll also be able to buy their animal figurines in Character Packs:

green toys character pack

Playmobil also has an awesome new farm coming out, and that’s just one of their many terrific animal-themed playsets this year. The farm:

playmobil new farm

They’re also releasing a deluxe new zoo, with all of the pieces shown below – I’m particularly fond of the penguin enclosure:

playmobil new zoo

playmobil penguin habitat

One of the sold-separately sets with the zoo series is a sweet little petting zoo:

playmobil petting zoo

Even the Playmobil advent calendars are getting into the animal theme: this year, Santa is visiting the farm!

playmobil advent farm

And even the Bride and Groom set come with doves:

playmobil bride groom doves

Making your own animal pals is also a big theme this year. I’m really excited about the new Orb Factory Fuzzeez sets, which are truly unique among craft kits: they enable kids to make a truly snuggly and really attractive plush friend! The technique is a speedy version of wool felting – kids stuff wool bits into the mold, and then you dampen it and place it in the dryer. When it’s finished, the resulting plush toy is not only fuzzy and cute, but it’s also super durable! I know because I hugged and tugged on one myself.


As for trendy animals of the year: raccoons were hiding around every corner, and along with some adorable chubby bears, they appeared on the new Skip Hop playgym that got a huge response on our Instagram account this weekend:

skip hop instagram

skip hop raccoon closeup

I also love these sweet new raccoon Zoo Packs!

skip hop raccoon zoo pack

Dinosaurs were also everywhere:

DINOSAUR croc creek

DINOSAUR ed insights

Schleich has some really amazing new dinosaur sets coming out:

DINOSAUR schleich

I wore this cutie from Manhattan Toy on my badge for the whole show:

DINOSAUR manhattan toy badge

Unicorns were also huge this year, in a million different forms, from the predictably lovely Schleich unicorns:

UNICORN schleich

…to the weird faux-taxidermy unicorn heads I saw in a few different booths:

unicorn taxidermy 2

UNICORN taxidermy

…to the adorable unicorn-costumed Pusheen at Gund:

UNICORN gund pusheen

To a… unicorn helicopter???

UNICORN weird rc plane

And there were a lot of genuinely weird, unusual beasts on display. Ever heard of a pangolin? For some reason, I was convinced that this Schleich pangolin was an echidna, but that’s apparently something else entirely. (Luckily a Facebook friend set me straight.)

UNUSUAL pangolin


Pangolins, it turns out, are anteaters, much like this guy:

UNUSUAL anteater

And, have you ever heard of an okapi? Playmobil has a few.

UNUSUAL playmobil okapis

There were also a few moose around, including these adorable baby toys from Janod:

UNUSUAL janod moose

…and this narwhal from Douglas Cuddle Toys was also super charming:

UNUSUAL douglas narwhal

…as were these beautiful elephant bags, also from Douglas:

UNUSUAL douglas elephants

This chicken baby toy has hilarious enthusiasm:

UNUSUAL chicken haba

Finally: the absolute most ubiquitous creature at Toy Fair 2016 was the fox! There were so many foxes that I started joking with vendors that I was playing a game of “Find the Fox” and taking pics of all of them. The trend started last year, but now it’s genuinely in full swing – a real fox invasion. And really, it’s no surprise, ‘cause those little guys are CUTE! Here are just a few of the many foxes I saw at the Fair. Enjoy!

FOX apple park

FOX hansa

FOX smartlab 3

FOX weird naked baby

FOX calico critters

FOX croc creek

FOX gund

FOX haba

FOX haba 2

FOX hape

FOX hape little prince

FOX janod

FOX manhattan toy

FOX ty


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