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Toy Fair 2015 Highlight: Play Visions Sands Alive! Neon Frenzy

Toy Fair 2015 Highlight: Play Visions Sands Alive! Neon Frenzy

play-visions-sands-alive-neon-frenzy-2511-a-mWhile our buying team attends Toy Fair to scout out our product selection for the year, I attend, mostly, to get hands-on time with our products that I don’t usually get working in our office. We’ve been big fans of Sands Alive from Play Visions since its release, but our head buyer sent me specifically to see the recently-released Sands Alive! Neon Frenzy: play sand that glows under UV light!

Play Visions had the glowing Living Sands set up in a dark tent so we could experience the unique glowing effect. Initially, my reaction was just, “Eh, so, it glows, cool?” but then, I saw what happens when sand that hasn’t been exposed to the UV light is brought to the surface:

Basically, what you’ve got there is color-changing sand! I was impressed, to say the least.
Then, the Play Visions rep took me into a completely dark section of the tent and showed what happens when you use the included UV light pen on your sand:

Color me impressed!
And I can’t overemphasize how much we love all of the Sands Alive sets: this stuff is just irresistible to squash and knead, feeling a bit like cookie dough without the stickiness. I’ll admit that on a recent visit to Magic Beans Fairfield, I spotted our bin of Sands Alive and immediately had to plunge both hands in up to the wrists! Your kids will feel the same – and you’ll love how easy it is to clean up, too.
In the next few days, we’ll have more report-backs from Toy Fair, but in the meantime, here are a few roundups of cool new toys from other sites:
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What toys in these lists do you think your kids will love? Let us know in the comments!


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