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Top picks from our Toy Buyer: Toy Fair 2018

Top picks from our Toy Buyer: Toy Fair 2018

Top picks from our Toy Buyer: Toy Fair 2018

The Bean Team visits Toy Fair New York every year, and every year we’re nothing short of dazzled. We asked our fabulous newcomer of a Toy Buyer, Megan, for a highlight of her favorite Toy Fair finds. Here’s what put the most twinkles in her eyes.

Hearts For Hearts Girls Dolls

Dolls that represent vibrant cultures and communities from around the globe is enough of a reason to earn our top pick. But the awesome doesn’t stop there — a portion of every Hearts for Hearts Girls Doll purchase is donated to global humanitarian organization World Vision. World Vision serves children’s causes in underserved countries from providing malaria nets in Africa to schoolbooks in Asia.

STEM and Creativity Kits from Tech Will Save US

Tech Will Save Us is fostering a generation of kickass kids by creating STEM kits and play experiences through digital and physical toys.  Megan’s favorite? The Techno Sounds Kit, which allows kids to mold dough into shapes and make sounds by using a circuit.

Sticks & Stones from Water & Lightning

Geometric design is here to stay, people! A striking set of building blocks for kids ages 1 and up, the Sticks & Stones collection from Water & Lightning is inspired by the beauty of the outdoors.

The EggMazing Egg Decorator

We already raved about the EggMazing in this blog, but we couldn’t write a Toy Fair roundup without it. The EggMazing takes away the mess (and adds a lot more fun) to the age-old tradition of decorating Easter eggs.

Twee Sidewalk Chalk

Twee creates handmade, small batch sidewalk chalk in the most irresistible of shapes. Shapes include donuts, unicorn horns, sushi (!!!), and letters & numbers. Megan also noted that these leave a lot less residue on your hands compared to typical sidewalk chalk.

Which of these goodies are you most excited about?

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