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To Market, To Market

To Market, To Market

img_0033.jpgYou won’t find many strollers in the open markets on busy days. The throngs of people keep the majority away. The indignant looks tossed toward buggy lugging mothers (the nerve, taking up precious extra space) leave only the strong of heart or the petite of stroller. We jump in. The Micralite, soundly maneuvered by yours truly, braves the throngs and comes out the better. The handlebars are laden with bags filled with figs and pomegranates, olives and fresh babganoush. Warm pita and pastry are stashed below. We are left unscathed, although a few pounds heavier, and feeling like pros. For those of you who were concerned over the Micralite’s modest two position recline, have no fear . . . My daughter, who in the states hadn’t fallen asleep in her stroller for months, is deep in dreamland, her half-eaten treat from the cookie-stand still in hand.

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