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This little Piggy stayed clean

This little Piggy stayed clean

Piggy PlatterThe Piggy Platter is a new placemat for babies and kids. It was designed by a mom trying to avoid the sticky mess left over from breakfast oatmeal. There are a couple of nice innovations here. First, the surface of the mat is clear, so you can put funny pictures, flashcards or other stimulating graphics underneath. There’s a no-slip rubber gasket surrounding the placemat, so it will stay in place. There’s also a removable gutter that hangs over the edge of the table to catch stray morsels. The placemat is finished with a raised edge that is designed to contain up to 16 oz of spilled liquid. That’s a whole lot of apple juice.

This is such a new product, the founder literally sold me some out of the trunk of her rental car, but I think the Piggy Platter is one of the most utilitarian placemats I’ve ever seen. It’s not ideal for traveling, since the surface is rigid and it will not fold, but it’s a really nice thing to have in the kitchen for meals and playdates. It’s also exceedingly easy to clean and dishwasher safe, to boot.

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