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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Thinking Putty

Hi, Theo here. I’m the Toy Guru at our Brookline store. This is my first blog post, and I’m so excited to share some of my favorite toys and games with you.

I remember going to the toy store when I was little, determined not to leave empty handed. With only a little allowance change jingling in my pocket, the only option would often be a little red egg filled with Silly Putty. Popping open that plastic egg and stretching the pink putty as far as my arms could reach was a simple pleasure, no batteries required.

Last week, I twisted the top off a round metal tin and discovered my putty had grown up with me. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty comes with 3.2oz of nostalgia. That’s a lot of putty – almost seven times as much as you’ll find in one of those red eggs. Go ahead and sink your fingers into it. You will have a large handful to stretch, twist, sculpt, tear or bounce. And Thinking Putty comes in several entertaining varieties that go far beyond classic coral pink.

Hypercolor putty is heat sensitive and can change color from the warmth of your hands, or even from the coolness of a fridge. For some real quick color changing try using two bowls of water for dipping. One hot (but not too hot), and one cold.

Charge up the Glow in the Dark putty in some direct light and turn off the lights for a glow that can last for hours. For some real fun use it in front of a black light or tear it apart in the dark and watch it spark!

The Illusion putty shifts colors depending on the way light hits it. For example the scarab putty will look different shades of blue and purple when you play with it. The Illusion putty works best when in direct sunlight, but if this is not available any light should do the trick.

The one that really caught my attention was the Strange Attractor putty (which I ended up purchasing for myself). It reacts to magnets in fascinating ways. Watch it slowly envelop the small magnet it comes with or stretch out little tendrils and use the magnet to make them dance.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking putty makes a great gift for kids, friends, family, or co-workers. And it’s a good thing you get so much in each tin because everyone you show it to will want to get their hands on it.

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