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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Things to do when you’re on bed rest…

I appreciate you all bearing with me during this little snag in my health. About a week and a half ago, we finally figured out what was wrong, and a week ago, I had a minor procedure to help resolve the problem. The pregnancy continues to go fine, and I have been improving daily. I’m hoping to be back to full steam ahead very soon. Meanwhile, I’ve just procured a zippy new laptop to enable me to do blog postings while lounging in bed. 

For all those women out there who have been through bed rest, you have my sympathy and admiration. I’ve always thought it would be a great luxury to have hours and hours of free time, and now I know better – it’s not fun. It’s mind-numbing and depressing. Fortunately, I’m likely done serving my time for the time being. But I had a really hard time coming up with ways to fill my time. So I thought I’d at least offer the few things I found over the past week to keep me entertained. If anyone else has suggestions, please add them to the comments. I couldn’t find a good, comprehensive list anywhere online. Not that this is comprehensive by any means. It’s actually pretty pathetic (and indicative of how much time I spent sleeping this past week), but with your help, it could be a lot better. 


TiVO – Thank heavens for my TiVO. I can’t imagine what I would have done without it. I made the fortunate discovery that Bravo does a Top Chef marathon every Wednesday, leading up to the newest episode. It’s nearly the end of the season, so there were many hours of Top Chef to record and watch. 

AppleTV – I don’t have one yet, but I desperately wish I did. I think I would have made good use of it, though probably would have burned through a good amount of cash, $1.99 at a time.

Online – a collection of mindless but indeed addictive flash games. – a visual index of new web 2.0 sites. Maybe I’m a geek, but I love browsing through the newest ideas and innovations. Most often the beta versions are free, and I’ve found all sorts of interesting tools there.

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