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The Ultimate Maclaren: Now Available

The Ultimate Maclaren: Now Available

Maclaren CF6506Maclaren just keeps raising the bar on luxury. First, they introduced a series of designer Quest strollers, with fabrics by Kate Spade, Lulu Guiness and that most British of plaids, Burberry. Now, they are shipping the brand new CF6506, a stroller so high-tech and luxe that it’s apparently too cool for a normal name.

The CF6506 is based on the same body as the Ryder stroller, but it is constructed from Carbon Fibre instead of aluminum. Carbon Fibre is an incredibly strong, lightweight and expensive material often found in high-end golf clubs or racecars. To this frame, Maclaren added a high-grain leather seat and leather-accented sun canopy. It’s pretty slick, but it seems to hold special appeal for dads, my husband included.

The stroller is suitable for babies 3 months and up. The lightweight nature of the frame is, by design, compromised by the hefty leather seat, so the stroller tips the scales at almost 15 lbs. It offers four recline positions, and includes a rain cover. Like the Ryder and the Quest, the CF6506 also has an extendable legrest – a nice feature for younger babies and toddlers. The leather seat is thankfully removable and cleanable. The price? Well, if you have to ask, you probably don’t want to know. But if you’ve got to have one, we now have them in stock.

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