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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
The Tipping Point

The Tipping Point

Micralite FoldedSo, the Micralite at the airport.

A great feature? The stroller is free standing when folded. This is a huge plus when you’d prefer not to lay the stroller down on a filthy floor or sidewalk.

Security was a breeze. The Micralite folds clean, almost to the dimensions of an umbrella stroller. To fold, you simply push down a lever and pull the handle on the back. This is a fast almost-one handed fold. (You need your free hand to push the stroller locked.)

To help protect the stroller from rough treatment we opted to use a travel bag. Micralite offers a travel bag, but in a pinch the Maclaren bag does the trick. Just pop off the wheels, lower the handles, and in she goes. Do not let the mechanics intimidate you. The wheels pop off with a flick of the thumb and a tiny tug. The wheels slide back on and fasten in a breath. The handle bars are adjusted by using a tiny Allen wrench hidden on the side of the stroller. (Kudos to the ever patient and savvy Magic Beans store manager, Sarah, for showing me the ropes.)

On the side, travel bags are fantastic for helping protect your stroller from rough treatment. (Sheri travel tip #405 : Wish you had more room in your luggage? To add extra cushion for your stroller, save a ton of space, and guarantee all the necessary nappies for your trip, pack diapers in the travel bag!)

If you need your stroller while in the airport and plan on checking the stroller at the gate, you may want to consider nixing the travel bag. It’s highly likely that the ground crew will not notice the ‘gate check’ tag and send the bagged stroller off to baggage claim. Short layover? Consider either checking the stroller with your luggage (well padded in the travel bag) or gate check without the protection of the bag.

Speaking of bags . . . in order to maneuver through rough terrain with ease, the Micralite is super back heavy. If bags are stored on the handle bars when baby is not seated, the stroller will tip. To keep the stroller from falling backward you’ll become accustomed to taking baby out with one arm and with the other, tossing a bag on the seat to weigh the stroller down. If you don’t catch it in time? No worries, the stroller is so lite that the fall is always graceful.

One thing not mentioned about my preliminary trial week with the Micralite? Walking through bustling-with-parents Brookline, folks were certainly taking notice of the new kid on the block. It’s true, her oragami style looks fresh. Take a look at one opinionated fathers’ article, The Battle of Bugaboo vs Micralite. (Personally, I don’t agree with his Bugaboo antics. The Bugaboo is a fantastic stroller and shouldn’t be compared laterally with the Micralite. They fulfill different needs . . . but nontheless, you may find the article illuminating.)
And on to the Middle East with Little Red. More to come . . .

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