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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
The Nuna Tavo Stroller 2019: full review from a Gear Guru

The Nuna Tavo Stroller 2019: full review from a Gear Guru

The Nuna Tavo Stroller 2019: Luxury at a Lower Price

Nuna has done tons of experimenting when it comes to releasing strollers, continuously tailoring their ideas to better fit both the urban and suburban lifestyles. They want the strollers they offer to be adaptable to different lifestyles, but also support a wide array of budgets. The Nuna Tavo Stroller 2019 fits beautifully into their lineup that features an updated aesthetic to match with the rest of their options.

In order to offer some context, the Nuna line features 4 strollers, the Nuna Pepp starts it off at $249. This is their attempt at an umbrella stroller, but functions more similarly to the Baby Jogger City Mini strollers that most are familiar with. A simple, compact fold, with lightly suspended small wheels and a small storage basket, it combines a travel option with a full size. The Nuna Mixx2 is a step up in durability at $599, and features large back wheels and tons of suspension. It also comes with an updated aesthetic of matte black frames combined with muted colored fabrics, a reversible seat that is newborn friendly, and a ton of storage. Their most luxe model is the Nuna Demi Grow at $800, which is their single-to-double stroller. The Demi Grow offers a second seat down the line, a huge storage basket and wheels, and similarly styled fabrics to the Mixx.

This year’s updates on the Tavo offer a world of difference from 2017. And yes, you’re reading the product page correctly, it’s referred to as the 2019 Tavo! The stroller used to be simply styled to the point of looking utilitarian, which one may expect in its price range. But in order to show how innovative it is at its core they wanted to update the aesthetic to match its creativity. At $350, the Tavo is an absolute steal, and ends up being frequently compared to the City Mini GT (as we did here).

The Nuna Tavo has always been known for a few things. Among the Magic Beans lineup, it is one of 3 strollers that require no car seat adapter to function as a travel system. Even Nuna’s other strollers require (included) adapters. It also has a one-handed fold similar to the City Mini. That, combined with the fact that it is one of the very few strollers in its price range that can accommodate a newborn without any added inserts or bassinets, makes it a unique prospect for city parents, and one of the best minimalist packages for those out in suburbia.

When I talk about the Tavo I usually mention all 3 of those things: the one-handed fold, the car seat connection, and the newborn friendliness. As I get more into detail, I mention some of the little things that occasionally go unnoticed. The fold is one of them; there are nuances that go unnoticed when discussing it. It is one of the few truly one-hand friendly, full-size strollers. It can be opened and closed using just one hand, keeping your other hand free when baby just wants to be held. When folded, it can even be dragged up steps! This is a huge boon for anyone bringing it into their home or building. It also has an enormous storage basket, although the accessibility is a little limited due to the fact that the seat doesn’t reverse.

The wheels are beautifully suspended with both front and rear wheel suspension, and it gives the simple, foam wheels a much more elegant push. They also included a little feature that goes a long way: the open-toe-friendly brake. Their toggle brake makes it easy for those in warm weather to lock their stroller without hurting their toes!

I like to point out to people that the Nuna Tavo has a “versatile” canopy as well. By this I mean that it has a beautiful UVF extension that gives ample coverage, but it also bucks the trend and cleverly helps with the car seat whether you’re using it or not. It may be hard to visualize, but when the car seat it attached to the stroller, it lays where baby would lay. The backing for baby’s seat is longer than the car seat, so there is about 6-8” of space in front of the car seat to lay your purse or diaper bag if it’s smaller or a backpack style.

Its updates for 2018 are mostly aesthetic. The stroller now comes in thicker fabrics that have a more classical cotton-like texture to them. The colors have been updated to the melanges that have become so popular of late, and the frame has been given a glossy black sheen that isn’t as overwhelming as it sounds. The colors surrounding it, combined with the new distressed brown faux-leather handlebars give it a beautifully composed look that feels much more expensive than it is.

I’m not trying to argue that this is the perfect city stroller. Its foam wheels might not survive Boston’s sidewalks, but what it does do well is offer a cost-conscious, safe option for those with a smaller budget, as well as a perfect option for those frequently in and out of their car.

While it doesn’t include the luxury of a rain cover, the Tavo still finds beauty in simplicity, and offers a baseline that doesn’t require any extra bells and whistles in order for it to function for your lifestyle. It offers a lot of unique features that are incredibly rare in its price point, and on top of that Nuna made those huge aesthetic updates. The Nuna Tavo Stroller is now the clear winner for those that want a utilitarian stroller that is still durable enough to use on city streets.

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Mike is a Gear Guru at both our Boston and Brookline locations!

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