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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Magic Beans owner stands along side the Nuna Triv stroller in grey

The Nuna Triv Next 2022 is one of the best new compact strollers of 2022!

Nuna Triv Next 2022 stroller is truly something special! While full size strollers like the Nuna Mixx Next tend dominate the stroller market, the Nuna Triv Next 2022 (formerly the Nuna Triv) flies under the radar as one of the best strollers available in America. The Nuna Triv Next is easy to use, has all the popular stroller features, weighs under 20 lbs, but feels even lighter, it’s perfect!

lifestyle image of a woman in blue overalls walking easily down stairs with the pipa rx car seat in one hand, and the nuna triv next folded in the other hand

Nuna Triv Next VS. Nuna Triv: new features

The Nuna Triv Next has eight major updates over the original Nuna Triv. These are the first updates since the original Nuna Triv was released so it's a big deal for such a popular, tiny stroller to see such a "makeover"!

  • close up of the nun triv next's wheels

    Larger Rear Wheels - The Nuna Triv Next's most notable update is in its larger wheels that give it a new smoother ride and tighter turns. 

  • Modern frame design - The old Nuna Triv frame had boxy corners and edges, the new rounded frame is just as sturdy but keeps the Nuna Triv Next's frame compact and narrow.

  • close up of the nuna triv next wheel and brake, easy tap-on and tap-off brake

    Wider wheel base - The new wider wheel base adds a couple inches to the Nuna Triv Next's dimensions but it adds a lot more stability, that's especially noticeable on tight turns and fast walking speeds.

  • Improved brake function - A new one-tap brake activates and de-actives the Nuna Triv Next brake simply by tapping on it, no more getting your shoes dirty with the old "flip up" brake!

  • Magnetic buckle design - The older harness had a complicated "puzzle" clip with 5 separate components needing to be pieced together.

  • close up of the nuna triv next foot rest and the deep new footwell

    Zip off canopy - Easy removal for cleaning

  • Round handle design - Ergonomic for a much more comfortable position for your wrists and hands

  • Footrest - The Nuna Triv Next's deeper footrest is a huge improvement over the older model's shallow.

What makes the Nuna Triv Next so special?

a smiling mother strolls with her child along a city sidewalk with the nuna triv stroller

The Nuna Triv Next is what every parent wants when they ask for the best compact and easy to use. The Nuna Triv Next has all the popular features of a full-size stroller weighing 7-10 lbs more. Features like the Nuna Triv Next’s reversible seat, long canopy, one handed fold, tall handlebar height, and a large basket aren’t common on mid-size strollers but the Nuna Triv Next has them all! There isn’t another stroller under 20 lbs that can say the same.

The Nuna Triv Next is designed to make your new-parent lifestyle easier, not weighed down. With such a compact, quick turning stroller, the Nuna Triv Next is well suited for a variety of families. The quick fold and small size make it ideal for families in the suburbs who need to drive for all their shopping and errands. But the Nuna Triv Next is also perfect for urban families living in old neighborhoods where the sidewalks, doorways, and stores are too narrow to maneuver a stroller.

We’d be crazy not to mention that the Nuna Triv Next has the best fold on any Nuna stroller (and most non-Nuna strollers). The Nuna Triv Next folds with the seat on in just two steps with one hand. And it folds with the included Nuna Triv Next car seat adapter in place, just by pulling up on the carry handle. The Nuna Triv Next folds to an impressively small package perfect for tossing in the truck or stowing in a closet. 

Some Nuna Triv Next features that similar sized strollers won’t have:

  • the nuna triv next stroller sitting folded in a small package in a home's closet
    Reversible seat
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Multi-position foot rest
  • Belly Bar
  • All-season seat
  • Huge basket
  • One-handed fold
  • High seat
  • Tall handle height

Is the new Nuna Triv Next worth the money?

a four set image of the nuna triv next in all it's configurations: folded, forward facing, rear facing, and with a car seat on the frame.

Yes, absolutely! A good stroller that keeps up with you and gets you everywhere you need to go is completely worth it. The Nuna Triv Next’s compact size has you covered on all sides. It’s perfect for infants and toddlers, traveling, lifting in and out of the trunk, carrying up stairs, and it makes for a super convenient snap-and-go with a Nuna Pipa infant car seat. Nuna even includes three accessories that normally aren’t included with mid-size strollers in this price range: a seat liner, belly bar, and a Nuna car seat adapter. The Nuna Triv Next  is releasing in America in early October 2022, right ahead of holiday travel season!

See the Nuna Triv Next in action on our Magic Beans YouTube channel!

Image links to the magic beans you tube page about the nuna triv next stroller. a friendly man smiles along side the nuna triv stroller at a magic beans store.

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