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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
The new Nuna Pipa Lite Infant Car Seat – Just 5.3lbs!

The new Nuna Pipa Lite Infant Car Seat – Just 5.3lbs!

We’ve always sung the Nuna Pipa’s praises, but now we’re about to lose our voices. Introducing the new Nuna Pipa Lite at 5.3 pounds! It’s available for pre-order right now as a specialty store exclusive. The lightest USA infant car seat, the Lite has shed 2.6 pounds from the Pipa while remaining incredibly safe. So how did Nuna do it?

Aeroflex foam: Nuna’s revolutionary manufacturing process creates the first-of-its-kind shell for the Pipa Lite. They use a fusion of plastic and EPP foam to create a thin, lightweight, and ultra resilient seat. Aeroflex foam minimizes force by absorbing and diffusing energy.

High-performance materials: The Pipa Lite features aerospace aluminum and lightweight fabrics to keep its slim figure.

True Lock base installation: It’s got the safe and simple rigid LATCH installation you’d expect from a Pipa. It still has a load leg as well. The Lite can only be installed with a base, though. So this seat is definitely for families with a car, as you won’t be able to do a baseless installation in a taxi.

Another unique feature we love is the Lite’s memory foam headrest! It cradles your baby when they’re tiny and is removable for when they grow. The Pipa Lite is also naturally flame resistant. No fire retardants are added anywhere on this car seat, as opposed to the classic Pipa that’s free of flame retardants on any part that touches the baby. You’ll still have the Pipa safety features you’ve come to love like rigid LATCH installation, load leg for extra stability, and superior side impact protection. It’s just all in a lighter package.

Already in love? Pre-order yours now or email us at with any and all questions!

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