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The Little Stroller that Could

The Little Stroller that Could

We are living in one of the first neighborhoods in Jerusalem built outside of the Old City walls. The streets are a labyrinth of stone and stairs. Narrow lanes force pedestrians to hug the walls as cars pass. Jagged walkways lead from one to the other in surprising turns and steps. The Micralite is handling like a local.

The back wheels are as forgiving as any of the larger all-terrain strollers in its class. Having prior experience with the large front wheel of the Valco and Mountain Buggy, it took me a walk around the block to get used to lifting the Micralite’s front wheels to navigate through the rough spots. The ease of the Micralite however, made for a super quick transition. (My father-in-law impressed that the Micralite, “pushes itself.”)

strollerandsteps.jpgStairs are taken with ease. Both pulling her up and rolling her down are possible one handed. (One handed sans baby, of course. Two hands when baby-bop is seated . . . safety over convenience!)

One caveat, I’ve found that as I ease the stroller down the stairs, the pressure from my hands can force the handlebars out of position. (Picture pushing down on the bars so that the front wheels lift off the ground.) To remedy, simply readjust the bars with the Allen wrench – and don’t be shy about forcing those babies tight. (Glad the folks at Micralite had the foresight to store the tiny wrench on the stroller . . .)

Next on Micralite . . . does size really matter?

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