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The Lillebaby All-Seasons Baby Carrier: A review from our head buyer (and her baby!)

The Lillebaby All-Seasons Baby Carrier: A review from our head buyer (and her baby!)

jill-reese-2Before I had Reese, I figured I would be into babywearing, but I had no idea that it would become such a staple for us as a family. We live in the city and it can be hard to get around with a baby. If you’ve ever had a newborn during the winter, you know what I’m talking about!

My husband and I have tried out the full gamut of baby carriers – wraps, slings, structured, mesh, you name it. So far, we’ve both been in love with our respective Baby Bjorn carriers, but I was really excited to try out the Lillebaby Complete All Seasons Carrier. It was one of the hottest items at Drool Baby Expo back in May, and I just had to see what the excitement was all about!

Here are some things I loved about the carrier:

  • 6 carry positions: I love having the ability to move Reese around when we are on the go. It makes both of us happier when we can both be comfortable. The back carry position is fairly easy to get her into. From the parent facing position on my front, I just dropped one arm through the strap and shimmied her 180 degrees around my waist. The think waist belt helped a lot with this.
  • Easy shoulder clip: I generally don’t like carriers that you have to clip behind your shoulders – my arms just don’t bend that far anymore! But Lillebaby won me over with a simple solution for this problem: they added a padded piece of fabric behind the shoulder clip that makes it easier and more comfortable to find and close. I was happily surprised by this. You also have the option to criss-cross the straps behind your back.
  • Elegant look: Lillebaby did a great job mixing aesthetics and function into this carrier. I have the Stone Grey. It’s a got a very polished look, but still feels sporty.
  • Adapts for the seasons: The ultra breathable 3D mesh really helps to keep both Reese and I cool during hot walks in the city (boy, is this Mama ready for fall!). The zip-down panel in the front is genius. When it is hot and humid, it can be easily zipped down and rolled away for storage, allowing Reese to get some fresh air. In the winter, that panel can stay closed to keep Reese cozy and warm, shielded from the chilly wind.
  • Great support: The Lillebaby All Seasons baby carrier also has a super nice neck and head support for baby, with plenty of padding. Reese is 8 months old and weighs 17 pounds, and at this stage, it’s great to have the support as a sort of pillow for her head, and it would be great for a newborn, too (you can use the Lillebaby All Seasons with a newborn without an insert). I generally keep the head support down when Reese is awake and riding parent-facing, and turn it up when she’s ready to nap. So comfy!
  • Waist support: The waist belt is slightly different than other carriers, and is really comfortable. The clip is on the right side of the carrier instead of on the back. I found this much easier to get on, and it distributed the weight nicely. No pinching or digging anywhere! The carrier also comes with a lumbar support piece. When I first saw it, I was skeptical that this little thing could really protect and support my back. Wrong! It definitely adds subtle support, and makes long walks much more comfortable.
  • Compact and light: For those of you that don’t have the space to pack up a huge carrier for each outing (most Moms, I think), the Lillebaby All Seasons Baby Carrier folds up quite small, and weighs only 1.34lbs. I was easily able to fit it in my Bugaboo Cameleon 3 stroller’s underseat bag along with all of my other day-on-the-town necessities.

This baby carrier will definitely be part of the normal rotation at our home. My husband and I both enjoy using it and find it to be very comfortable, both for us and for Reese. It fit us both well, which doesn’t usually happen (he is 6’3” and I’m only 5’4”… hoping Reese gets some of those height genes!). We just can’t wait for the next season to come along and see if this carrier is just as perfect for the fall!


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