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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
The Bugaboo Buffalo Escape Special Edition Stroller: ready for adventure!

The Bugaboo Buffalo Escape Special Edition Stroller: ready for adventure!

bugaboo-buffalo-escape-balsem-441130CS01-FUpdate 6/13/2017: Shop the latest Bugaboo Special Editions: Classic+, Elements, and Kite.

If there’s such a thing as a high-fashion stroller brand, Bugaboo is it: from Diesel to Missoni, from Paul Frank to Andy Warhol, Bugaboo strollers have worn them all! And the Bugaboo Cameleon, Donkey, and Bee strollers are all nimble city fashionistas, using urban sidewalks as their fashion-show catwalks all over the world. As you might recall, Bugaboo even put out their own fashion mag a few years back!

Reviewers tell us that the heavy-duty all-terrain Bugaboo stroller, the Buffalo, is also lushly comfortable for kids, convenient for moms, and gorgeously fashion-forward in any environment; the reviewer at Roll Her Stroller praises the tall seat height, which made it easy for her to get close to her baby while strolling, and the high weight limit (up to 50 pounds). The moms at Mumsnet praised the roominess of the stroller, the coziness of the carrycot, and the easy fold. And everyone loves the extendable hood!

But it’s on rough terrain where the toughest Bugaboo stroller truly shines, and this is where the Bugaboo Buffalo Special Edition Escape model comes in: the Balsem Green outer fabric, brown perforated faux-leather accents, and delicately striped inner canopy evoke the quiet of the woods, the sparkle of sunlight glimpsed through boughs overhead, and the grit of the trail below. It’s a gentle, natural, cozy-looking version of the Buffalo, less citified and more countryside, ready to get some mud on those immense never-flat wheels (without your baby feeling a single bump in the road).

And those wheels can handle virtually any surface you choose to stroll over: reviewer Claire Woffenden at Made For Mums writes that she “had a blast” trying out the Buffalo on every rough surface she could find, from the beach to the woods to cobblestones to grassy playgrounds. Woffenden writes:

“As a family that spends a lot of time outdoors, this pushchair was ideal and certainly delivered on its promise. It felt robust, nice to push over a range of terrains (including harder ground) and suitable for different occasions. I really noticed the difference with having two big wheels at the front as well as the back – bumpy paths were no longer a struggle. Bigger wheels at the front also made a big difference when simply riding along the street. Despite the pushchair’s weight, it felt light to steer along our sloped pavements and easy to push over grass and woody areas – even when pushing one-handed while hand-holding my three-year-old.

“We also really liked the two-wheel position, which made it easy to pull the Buffalo along the sandy and pebbly bits of Bridlington beach, although you can only use this when the seat is facing you.”


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