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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
YOYO Connect: Get your first look at Babyzen's first double stroller!

YOYO Connect: Get your first look at Babyzen's first double stroller!

The brand new Babyzen Yoyo Connect turns the YOYO2 into an instant double stroller. This means the Babyzen YOYO2 is now, officially, a convertible stroller and we are OBSESSED with it!

While the Babyzen YOYO Connect looks like two YOYO2 strollers snapped together it's a regular YOYO2 stroller in the front with the YOYO Connect mounted to its frame. The YOYO Connect is almost identical to the YOYO2, but in lieu of front wheels it has an easy on, easy off adaption point. 

Rather than force parents to buy a permanent double stroller the YOYO Connect is an extension to the YOYO2 and can be removed in one step when it's not needed. Simply pinching the white loops is all the installation needed, and it hangs off the back of the YOYO2 for quick storage.


YOYO Connect Compatibility

The YOYO Connect installs in seconds with the integrated spring peg mechanism (pictured). Recent YOYO2 models already have the corresponding pre-drilled holes for use for the peg system. Make sure your YOYO2 brake is on to make the process fuss-free. 

Compatibility note: According to US standards only YOYO2 strollers with serial numbers starting K10111 can be used with the YOYO Connect. Older YOYO+ and YOYO2 strollers have the same pre-drilled holes necessary but officially these are only to be used with Babyzen Yoyo Ride-On Board and YOYO Rolling Bag

YOYO Connect Features

Living up to Babyzen's reputation for robust engineering in a pint sized frame the YOYO Connect matches the YOYO2 punch for punch. They are nearly identical aside from the front wheels/ adaption mechanism and all accessories are interchangeable between them. The YOYO2 and YOYO Connect have an equal weight maximum, seat dimension, recline, canopy length, storage basket, and more so no worries about outgrowing one seat before the other. 

YOYO Connect Seating configurations

While we're waiting for official word on what accessories work with the YOYO Connect, we do know the YOYO2 in the front position will still accommodate all its old seat configurations like the YOYO2 Car Seat Adapters, YOYO2 Bassinet, and YOYO2 Newborn Pack. We'll update later today with more definitive YOYO Connect seat configurations! 

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