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The Birth Book & Blog

On my recent vacation, I read a book called “Birth: The Surprising History of How We are Born” by Tina Cassidy. I thought it was phenomenal – really well-researched, and the presentation was so engaging that it was as hard to put down as any good fiction I’ve read lately. I would highly recommend it, if you’re curious about the subject matter. I learned an incredible amount, and it put a lot of the experiences I’ve had delivering my first two kids into an interesting context.

Since she wrote the book, Tina Cassidy has recently given birth to another child, a story she is currently chronicling on her blog. Like most of the readers who have stumbled upon her narrative, I’m completely hooked, checking back every day to see if another installment has been posted. Cassidy’s first birth ended with a C-section, and although she says in her book that she isn’t brave enough for a home birth (I’m paraphrasing here), when the time came to plan another delivery, in the end she opted to try for a HBAC – a Home Birth After Caesarean.

This is particularly fascinating for me, since I’m really not brave enough for a home birth (I’m not paraphrasing here), but I am a big fan of natural childbirth, something I attempted unsuccessfully with #1, accomplished with baby #2, and hope to do again with #3. And while sometimes it seems like a very short distance from drug-free hospital birth to home birth, in reality they’re incredibly far apart. But I get the sense that Tina Cassidy started out feeling like me, and somehow she made the leap. Maybe I’m just living vicariously through her, but if you’re curious, check it out. Don’t miss the comments – Tina’s mother makes some great contributions.

You can also preview the book on Google. Very cool.

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