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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
The best of the best nursing chairs: Dutailier vs. Monte Glider / Rocker Comparison / Review

The best of the best nursing chairs: Dutailier vs. Monte Glider / Rocker Comparison / Review

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Here at Magic Beans, we settle for nothing less than the best, which is why we carry nursing chairs, gliders, and rockers from two of the most extraordinary nursery furniture brands on the market: Monte Design and Dutailier.

Both Monte and Dutailier are Canadian furniture companies who really take pride in their products, and you can tell how much care goes into the design and manufacturing of these nursing chairs by looking, touching, and sitting in them. While both companies offer modern-styled furniture, Monte has true, clean, simple lines, and Dutailier’s look is a bit more modern classic, with plushier armrests, and a higher back.

Here’s a few things you should know about our assortment: for starters, for Dutailier, we exclusively carry the Moderno collection in the following styles:

  • nursing chairs dutailierDutailier Etna Glider
  • Dutailier Fogo Glider
  • Dutailier Laki Glider
  • Dutailier Pico Glider

The above chairs are available in 2 different types of fabric; Standard (AB) and Premium (CD) – there is about a $30 difference between standard and premium fabrics. While we have access to some of the other styles within the Moderno collection, these are the most popular.

More Dutailier that we carry includes:

These upholstered glider nursing chairs are made in Canada, and come with a 5 year warranty. If you’re curious about the materials on the inside, read more about them here, but the biggest take-away is that the foam that they use is low-VOC and the glue is water based. (You can read more about VOCs here too.)

Since Monte Design’s collection is a bit smaller than Dutailier, we are able to carry their entire line of nursing chairs. Some of our favorites that you can see in store as floor models are:

  • nursing chairs monte designMonte Design Joya Rocker
  • Monte Design Luca Glider
  • Monte Design Grazia Swivel Glider
  • Monte Design Como Glider (a staff favorite in my store!)

Monte also offers different styles of hardwood base, as well as an Italian wool and walnut collection,  which makes their chairs feel even MORE luxurious. Additionally, Monte is committed and transparent about their sustainability, which you can read about here, but similarly to Dutailier, there’s nothing yucky in their materials, and Monte goes a bit further with Oeko-tex Standard 100 certification (read more about this awesome high European standard here). They also plant 3-4 trees for every tree harvested for their products.

A few more differences between Monte Design and Dutailier nursing chairs:

  1. The glide on Dutailier is longer, which gives a longer and more relaxing feel than shorter glides.
  2. There is a hand brake on Dutailier chairs that brakes in multiple positions – great for when you’re pregnant and have a giant belly and you’re trying to get up out of the chair.
  3. Optional Technogel with Dutailier: basically makes it feel like you’re floating. The technogel helps regulate body temperature, and takes the brunt of the weight off of the foam, which helps to extend the longevity of the foam because over time foam compresses.
  4. Monte chairs come with a lumbar support pillow – super clutch when you’re nursing.

Lastly, it’s important to note that both companies make other amazing nursery and bedroom furniture, including cribs, twin size beds and night stands!

All in all, both companies make high quality upholstered gliders and rockers, and the best way to find out which one is right for you is to sit in one! We love these chairs because they’ll last forever and blend in with the rest of the décor in every room in a modern home, meaning that you’ll be using them for many, many years after your nursing years are over.

Come by any one of our stores and have a seat in both Monte and Dutailier. Check out all this coziness – who could resist?

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