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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Eli with Brio Christmas Steaming Toy Train

The Best Holiday Toys of 2022

Every year holiday shopping becomes more overwhelming than ever. The number of people on your list, the places you can shop, and all the items to choose from seems to be exponentially expanding. 

The dizzying array of choices pertains to both adult gifts and kids’ toys. It’s difficult enough just to check off all the kids on your list, but now we find ourselves wading through TikTok and Instagram ads causing even more overwhelm. 

With that said, Magic Beans is committed to making this process as easy and fun as possible, so we put together a list of some of our favorite toys. These are toys for various ages and stages, and we know each one will be a hit. One of our core values is to offer toys that grow with a child so they can provide days, weeks, and months of enjoyment.

Our list is a combination of tried-and-true and fresh and new. Since 2004, we’ve learned that while the hot new toy is exciting, sometimes the fundamental toys are just what the doctor ordered.

Zingo by ThinkFun

Zingo is a fantastic first learning game. It teaches the fundamentals of gameplay by having the child identify images and match them to a Zingo card.  When you’re ready to level up your Zingo game, check out Zingo Sight Words that teach literacy basics.

Brio Steaming Train

Eli with Brio Christmas Steaming Train
Brio was one of my favorite toys as a child. We had a good-sized box of Brio tracks and one or two trains that provided hours of fun. Brio fosters both creativity and imagination. The Steaming Train produces real steam simply by adding a little water. Expand your Brio set with more deluxe expansion sets to take your track-building skills to the next level. 

Green Toys - Ambulance and Doctor’s Kit

Little kid playing with Green Toys Ambulance and Doctor's Kit
We’re always looking for brands that are committed to the environment and Green Toys has been one of our favorites for a long time. All products are made from recycled materials right in the USA. Doctor’s sets have been a staple playrooms for many years as a great toy for role play and make believe. The Green Toys Doctor’s Kit kicks it up a notch by adding an ambulance that turns into a unique carrying case.

Manhattan Toy Deep Sea Adventure Activity Table

Two kids playing with Manhattan Toy Deep Sea Adventure Activity Table
The Manhattan Toy Deep Sea Adventure Activity Table is a beautiful set that provides hours of entertainment packed full of motor skill activities. But it’s all in the details! This colorful, highly-detailed activity stand has a captivating palette that will instantly capture your little one’s attention. The table is divided into four quadrants in the shape of a jellyfish with a variety of activities like gliders, bead runs, spinning gears, springy coral, clacking clams, and a peek-a-boo mirror.

Toki Mats

4 children playing on a Toki Mat
Our top recommendation for a baby gift is Toki Mats. Many kids are lucky enough to get plenty of toys even before they’re born -- sound familiar? But let’s face it: kids under one year don’t fully understand the holiday season. Toki Mats are a practical gift that’s great for both parent and child and look beautiful in the home. Tok Mats are filled with natural latex and come in a variety of stunning designs. They’re soft enough to sit on for hours at a time, but firm enough for a little one who’s just pulling themselves up (see Celestial Star Explorer above).

HABA Flotsam Float

HABA Flotsam Float
We love games at Magic Beans, especially those that are fun for the child and engaging for the parent. We’re always on the lookout for games that are fun for family members of different ages and stages. Flotsam Float fits the bill. This strategy game has a stacking and building element, making it fun and engaging for players six and up. It’s fit for 2-5 players, so it’s great for family fun.

Schleich Lakeside Riding Center

Schleich Lakeside Riding Center
If you’ve been to a Magic Beans store, you may have noticed the prominent Schleich animals on display. These are high-quality, German-made products, from zoo animals to farm animals to dinosaurs. For this holiday season in particular, we’re excited about the Lakeside Riding Center. If your little one loves horses, this will be a hit. The stable comes equipped with more than 100 accessories including toy horses, riders, hay racks, feed troughs, grooming brushes, apples and carrots for the horses, and much more.  


Little kid playing with Corolle Doll
Corolle Dolls are another Magic Beans classic. These French dolls have a lovely vanilla scene and are great for children from infant-age through preschool and beyond. We love dolls because they teach kids empathy and are wonderful for make-believe play. When you look at the age range on a Corolle doll, you’ll know it’s the right size for your child because they design the dolls with the size of the child in mind.

Micro Kickboard Scooters

Kids riding Micro Kickboard Scooters
Micro Kickboard Scooters are the highest quality scooters around. They can be used from toddler age all the way up to adult and are available in a variety of colors and styles. Some even come with LED light-up wheels. Scooters encourage independence and movement and get children outside. Many Micro Kickboard Scooters have three wheels, making it easy for children to balance and ride safely. 


Magna-Tiles Dinosaurs
No toy list would be complete without Magna-Tiles. Magna-Tiles have been a best-seller at Magic Beans for over a decade. Fit for kids of all ages, Magna-Tiles provided endless creativity and open-ended play. They’re easy to build with -- even for a preschooler. We’re super excited about this season’s newest playsets that include dinosaurs, Arctic animals, forest animals, and builders just to name a few. 

This list is just a tiny sampling of toys we love. We’re stocked with hundreds of toys for all ages with something for every child on your list. Go to to see our entire assortment, and keep in mind that we gift wrap for free. 

If you have any questions, please email us at, call us at 617-264-2326, or hop on our live chat to speak to one of our trusted experts.

Happy Holidays! 
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