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The 2017 Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller: new faux leather accents!

The 2017 Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller: new faux leather accents!

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While the majority of your baby stroller use is going to take place outdoors, some strollers are more outdoorsy than others. Some strollers are meant for a particular sort of habitat – for instance, your umbrella stroller will do better in a store or a mall than in the playground – while others aren’t meant to be fenced in by aisles and tiles.

That’s where the Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller comes in: this all-terrain stroller is specialized for families who refuse to restrict their adventures to well-worn paths, and want to start showing their child the beauty of nature from day one. While it’s obviously great on nice flat surfaces, the Buffalo really shines when the going gets tough, riding high on four big foam-filled never-flat tires that can stampede over trails and chug over snowy sidewalks, so you never have to stop exploring!

Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller 2017 leather closeupTo facilitate your ongoing explorations, Bugaboo added one special upgrade to the 2017 Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller: instead of foam, which can chip and nick easily, the new model now features extra-durable faux leather on the handlebar and the belly bar (which doubles as the bassinet carry handle). Not only will this wear better, but it looks extra-luxe, and let’s face it – when you buy a Bugaboo, you’re buying it for looks as well as function!

For those who are new to the world of baby strollers, here are a few more features you’ll enjoy, and some notes on what sets the Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller 2017 apart from the rest of the Bugaboo stable:

  • The Bugaboo Buffalo boosts your child up higher than the other Bugaboo stroller models, which has two great advantages: first of all, it puts your child closer to you while you stroll, so you can chat, bond, and point out flowers and doggies on the go to your heart’s content. Second of all, it means that the huge under-seat basket is extra accessible.
  • Speaking of that basket: it holds up to 9.2 gallons of gear. This reviewer found that she could pack a big diaper bag, the whole family’s coats, the stroller rain cover, a blanket, and a whole picnic in there. Plus, the stroller handle is tested to hold up to 13 pounds of gear and has hooks for your diaper bag, so go ahead, hang it up!
  • Like the Bugaboo Cameleon 3 and the Bugaboo Donkey stroller, the Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller 2017 comes with a seat frame that can double as a bassinet and a reversible toddler seat – just switch out the fabrics.
  • As with all Bugaboo strollers, the Buffalo is compatible with a variety of infant car seats, so you can custom-design your own awesome travel system (just add an adapter, sold separately).

To celebrate the launch of the 2017 Bugaboo collection, we’ve created review videos to show you those pretty new stroller handlebars, and put each stroller through its paces. Check out this video to see the Bugaboo Buffalo Stroller 2017 do everything it can do indoors – although of course, it can do a whole lot more!





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