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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!

Spilling the Beans

  • Forbidden Island: Keeping Your Friends Close
    June 22, 2010

    Forbidden Island: Keeping Your Friends Close

    Although the illustrations on the game board are gorgeous, the true beauty of Forbidden Island by Gamewright is its focus on cooperation. Too many times, I’ve sat down with a group of friends to play a board game expecting a...

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  • February 25, 2008

    A whole new dimension for Set

    I became a fan of the game Set during my senior year of high school when our college guidance counselors kept it on hand for distracting stressed-out students during free periods. Long after our letters had come, we still hung...

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  • Funkey Town
    September 26, 2007

    Funkey Town

    The latest entry into the virtual-toy-that’s-also-really-a-toy category is about to hit the market. Funkeys are quirky little vinyl creatures who come to life on your PC. Unlike Webkinz and other similar products, Funkeys is not web-based. It actually comes with...

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  • August 22, 2007

    Clek is here!

    I loved this booster when I saw it at the JPMA show, and we’ve finally received our first shipment. Now that I’ve had a chance to spend some time with it, I’m particularly impressed with the padding on the seat....

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  • August 20, 2007

    How Mao? Try Quao.

    Fourteen summers ago, I came home from a teen tour obsessed with a card game I had learned — Mao. If you aren’t familiar with this diabolically fun game, Mao has no rules. Or at least, none that can be...

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  • August 8, 2007

    Retro Cool

    Look what’s back! The Snoopy Sno Cone Maker has been rereleased by Sababa Toys, and it’s exactly the product you and I remember so fondly. Originally released in 1979, this was a runaway bestseller and a summer fixture in millions...

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  • A-maze-ing
    July 6, 2007


    Let’s talk about marbles for a minute. Marbles are so simple, but they’ve been a cornerstone of playtime for centuries. Set them in motion and you’ve got hours of entertainment. There are countless types of marble run construction toys out...

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  • Ty Girlz are here
    May 9, 2007

    Ty Girlz are here

    I mentioned at Toy Fair that a lot of toy companies have been, ahem, inspired by the immense success of Webkinz to create their own plush toys with online tie-ins. How does the old adage go? Imitation is the sincerest...

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