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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Svan Baby Bouncer Launched at Magic Beans

Svan Baby BouncerLast night, we were very excited to host the global launch of the new Svan Baby Bouncer at Magic Beans. This is a product that has been a labor of love for all our friends at Scandinavian Child, the US distributors for Svan, and we were so thrilled to be able to help them celebrate its long-awaited debut.

Brenda Berg, the head of Scandinavian Child was on hand to talk about the bouncer, as well as several of her other great products. Reaction from the parents and parents-to-be in attendance was outstanding – everyone loved the contemporary styling and the carefully considered functional design of the seat. The comfy cushioning removes quickly and easily for machine washing, and the whole seat comes apart to store very compactly.

The most innovative feature is the recline – using a strap that is attached to the hood of the seat, you can adjust the level of recline literally in an instant. The hood was well-received as a nice element for outdoor use, and pet owners were also glad to see that the seat offered some protection from nosey cats and dogs (or older siblings, as one veteran mom pointed out). The sophisticated color combinations were a particularly big hit, an apparent relief from the usual parade of primary colors that do nothing to enhance a home’s decor. The seat is appropriate for babies from birth to 30 lbs.

It was really interesting to hear Brenda speak about her experience starting Scandinavian Child. The Svan Chair has been a tremendous success in the United States, and it’s only available on this side of the ocean because Brenda spotted one in a store when she was traveling in Sweden. She loved the way it looked, and as a new mom, she was looking for a new business opportunity that would afford her some flexibility to be with her family. Brenda first got started just a couple of months before Magic Beans first opened, and in the two years since then, she has built a fantastic operation, staffed with great people, and it’s been so much fun for us to watch her grow.

As part of the festivities, we held a drawing for a free Baby Bouncer. The winner, a mom of two expecting her third child this fall, is the first consumer in the world to own this product. Pretty cool. After some debate, she decided to choose the Chocolate/Lavendar combination pictured here. The bouncer also comes in 3 other colors – Chocolate/Orange, Black/Baby Blue and Black/Watermelon. You can see them all at the Svan website. The bouncers will be available for sale in the beginning of August.

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