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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Summer Toys of 2017! Tried and true & new favorites

Summer Toys of 2017! Tried and true & new favorites

I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but school’s out! This summer, we compiled some of our favorite summer toys and tools that keep the fresh air flowing and the outdoor fun going. Happy adventuring!

New Micro Kickboard Colors: Has your child grown out of the Micro Kickboard they’re scooting around in? We have new colors in for the season. New colors in the Maxi are Petrol Green and Caribbean, in Mini we have Ocean Blue and Apricot, and in Sprite we’ve got Chartreuse. As if these scooters weren’t irresistible enough. I mean, come on, look at that little cutie in blue having a blast.

Nutcase Helmets: You can’t neglect your noggin! Nutcase “Baby Nutty” and “Little Nutty” Helmets are the perfect companion for their new scooter. Not only do they sport awesome designs, but they’re built for total comfort on kids’ heads. They’ll also love the anti-pinch chin strap and magnetic buckle. Wearing a helmet will no longer be a demand.

B4 Adventure Slacklines: Older kids are jumping on the Slackline bandwagon this season. Your adventurous and athletic kid will love these tightropes with a modern twist. Their Slacklines are ultra-high quality webbing strung between two anchor points. Set them up in your backyard or the local park to strengthen agility, balance, and core strength!

Buglets: These aren’t a toy, but they’ll keep the fun going past sunset. They were created by a mom that wanted to keep bugs away from her kids, but hated the chemicals that most repellants had. Enter Buglets. They’re an all-natural bug repellant that diffuses essential oils! Kids love the different colored bands and parents can just buy essential oil refills when they’ve run out.

Alex Gigantic Racket Set: These giant rackets are great for little hands looking to perfect their swing. Bring them to the beach, play around in the backyard, or bring the fun to the park. They might be giant but they’re made of lightweight foam for kids.

Babiators Sunglasses: “Aww, they’re called Babiators.” We said the same thing. Sun protection for kids has never looked so cool. They feature 100% UV protection and durable frames that will make it to the beach a ton of times. We’ve got their Aviator and Navigators so your kid can choose the exact style they want to show off this summer. Sizes available are Junior (ages 0-2) and Classic (ages 3-5).

Pack-its: And now a little something to make your life more convenient: the PackIt Personal Cooler. The inside of the entire bag contains a patented eco-gel that keeps lunch cool for up to 10 hours. That means that uneaten food doesn’t have to become wasted food! You’ll probably want to grab one for yourself.

Need some more recommendations this summer? Send all your questions to!

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