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Strolli – whee!

Strolli – whee!

StrolliAs proof that parents are eager to find ways to extend the life of their strollers and adapt them to fit a growing family, products like the Buggy Board and Kiddy Board (wheeled boards that attach to the back of a stroller) are extremely popular. As well, the Phil and Ted’s e3 (a single all-terrain stroller that offers a second seat accessory) is enjoying explosive growth right now. The Strolli is the newest entry to that category, and in addition to being practical, it also looks like fun.

We’ve just received them, and it’s been raining for two days, so I haven’t had a chance to test one out myself, but there’s a great movie on the US distributor’s website that shows it in use. It seems to keep out from underfoot, which is really nice for parents. On the downside, it don’t stow and essentially disappear, as the Buggy Board or Kiddy Board can. According the FAQ on the manufacturers website, the installation takes less than a minute, and the Strolli is suitable for children from 15 months, if they are physically able to walk and sit completely independently, and up to 44 lbs.

I’m planning to field test this on an upcoming family vacation, so I’ll post a review when I’ve got more experience with the product. I have a feeling the biggest disadvantage will be needing to moderate the fights over which kid gets to sit in it.

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