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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!

Strollers for all seasons

At this JPMA show, Maclaren has a few surprises up their sleeve. They’re introducing a line of skincare products, they’ve developed two new stroller models inspired by the seasons of the year, AND people are running around their booth dressed in kilts. It’s all a bit unusual, but that is a good thing for this normally traditional brand.

Of note are the seasonal strollers. There’s a white Volo with a black seat pad that’s supposedly for spring. I’m not sure why a stroller that is completely devoid of color is symbolic of springtime, but it’s cool looking, so I’ll go with it. Then, they are introducing the Four Seasons stroller. This stroller is based on the Ryder frame and has a tan seat and canopy, and it comes packaged in a carry bag that also includes an accessory for every season (and then some). There are three reversable seat pads that are each inspired by a season, and there’s a nice, warm footmuff for winter. There’s also a rain cover and a very soft, generously sized Maclaren blanket. It’s a really great bundle. I took a whole bunch of pictures of the Four Seasons Stroller, so just click on this link to check out my Flickr photo stream.

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