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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Stroller comparison: Bugaboo Donkey2 2018 vs Bugaboo Donkey 2017

Stroller comparison: Bugaboo Donkey2 2018 vs Bugaboo Donkey 2017

The Bugaboo Donkey 2017 Stroller vs. the new Bugaboo Donkey2!

It’s been a while since Bugaboo has made major Donkey updates, so we’re pretty giddy over the Bugaboo Donkey2. The upgrades in functionality and style in this single-to-double stroller align with Bugaboo’s commitment to helping you move freely with baby. But, you might be new to the stroller game, and the words “donkey” and “buffalo” might only remind you of the furry friends. If that’s you: welcome! Let’s take a look at the Donkey2 compared to its predecessor.

Style Options

Bugaboo loves helping parents celebrate their own personal style. You’ll be able to do that even more with the Donkey2! Customize your Donkey2 frame, canopy, seat & bassinet, side luggage basket, and side luggage basket cover. On the original Donkey, you’re only able to customize the color of the frame and the canopy.


The original Donkey has air-filled tires. Air-filled tires make for a super smooth stroll but, as expected, they deflate. To make your life a lot easier and your stroll even smoother, Bugaboo added wheels with a new foam construction to the Donkey2. They gave these wheels just the right pressure to imitate their air-filled counterparts. The wheels on the Donkey2 are very similar to those on the Buffalo. Just like the Buffalo, these foam wheels can handle nearly any terrain. If you own already own a Donkey, you can buy these new updated wheels and add them to your stroller. Bugaboo has also introduced a proven anti-shimmy solution to the Donkey2.

Side Luggage Basket

Both the 2017 Donkey and the Donkey2 have a Side Luggage Basket. With both Donkeys in mono form, you can cart around your groceries (and maybe even your small pup) in a convenient basket beside your child. But parents noticed that their curious kids were reaching over to grab the basket’s contents. This time around, Bugaboo has upgraded it by adding a basket cover to the Donkey2. The Donkey2 also has an inside pocket to keep small essentials easily accessible. The original Donkey’s Side Luggage Basket can hold up to 11lbs, while the Donkey2’s can hold up to 22lbs.

Both the Donkey 2017 and Donkey2 2018 strollers are available for free shipping with Magic Beans! If you’re not sure if a ‘boo is for you, our gear gurus would love to talk it out. Email us at or call us at 617-264-2326. 

Watch our video review of the Bugaboo Donkey2 2018 here:

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