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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Stokke Tripp Trapp 50th Anniversary Edition Celebration!

Stokke Tripp Trapp 50th Anniversary Edition Celebration!

   For as long as we have carried the classic Stokke Tripp Trapp® high chair at Magic Beans, it has been one of our most popular high chairs. Parents love its simple design and longevity, and kids love the ergonomics that make it one of the most comfortable high chairs on the market. 2022 marks the 50th anniversary of the release of this iconic seat, so celebrate with us and learn more about the 50th Anniversary Edition of the Stokke Tripp Trapp®

Bottom of Tripp Trapp with Peter Opsvik's name engraved

The Origin Story of a Legend

   Fifty years ago, Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik noticed that his son who had outgrown his high chair didn’t fit properly in an adult seat. Of course, how could a small child sit properly in a seat that was designed for an adult? He was inspired to design a high chair that bridged the gap between toddlerhood and adulthood - while maintaining ergonomics at every stage - and the Stokke Tripp Trapp® was born!

Three Tripp Trapp chairs with green background

What’s Special About the 50th Anniversary Edition?

   The 50th Anniversary Edition Tripp Trapp® is made from premium ash wood which has a swirled marble effect that gives each chair a unique and gorgeous pattern. Each chair is also laser engraved with the anniversary logo so your heritage chair reflects the history of its timeless design. 

Tripp Trapp chair at three different stages

What Makes the Stokke Tripp Trapp So Great?

   One of our favorite features of the Tripp Trapp ® is its long lifetime and exceptional performance at every stage of your child’s development. Unlike most high chairs that you can only use starting at 6 months old up until your child is about 3 years old, it can start being used from the newborn stage through adulthood.

   Suitable from birth with the addition of the Tripp Trapp ® Newborn Set, the Tripp Trapp ® allows you to bring your baby to the dining table during family mealtimes before they are transitioning to solid foods. You no longer have to put your child in a bouncer on the floor where they will breathe in dust or be bothered by the family dog during dinner time. Keeping your little one closer means more bonding time with them whether you’re making dinner, eating, or just spending time with the family. The Tripp Trapp ® Newborn Set even comes with a nifty toy hanger so your baby can keep themselves entertained with their favorite toy during mealtime! Once your baby is sitting up on their own, just remove the lounger and clip on the Tripp Trapp ® Baby Set that comes with the high chair and it’s ready to go!

   One of the main features that sets the Tripp Trapp ® apart from other high chairs is its adjustability. It was designed to be fully adjustable for your child’s height to provide much needed support for dangling feet, as well as an appropriate seat depth. While these may seem like purely comfort upgrades, these adjustments have much more important implications for your child’s health and development as you transition them to solid foods.

   Multiple seat depth options allow your child to use the curved backrest at any age, which supports proper spinal development as they grow. The many footrest heights provide continual support for dangling legs, preventing loss of circulation and decreasing restlessness. In turn your little one is able to stop fidgeting to try to get comfortable and focus on eating. Through comfort and ergonomics, the Tripp Trapp ® helps your child develop safe and healthy eating habits from an early age.

   Although there is a removable dishwasher safe Stokke ® Tray, it is sold separately from the high chair because the chair was designed and intended for use pushed up to the table. Having your baby join you at the dinner table makes it easier for you to interact with them, keeping them focused on what they’re doing and keeping them from feeling isolated from the family meal. Observing the family at mealtime helps the baby learn table etiquette and how to interact with food, encouraging good eating habits and preventing pickiness. However, when sitting at the table is not an option the high chair tray offers a secure surface for meals. Stokke ® has partnered with EZPZ™ to create the EZPZ™ Placemat for Stokke ® Tray, a suction mat specifically for the Stokke ® Tray.

   From the time that your child stops using a high chair, they still have quite a lot of growing to do before they can sit comfortably in an adult chair. Their legs will still dangle and cut off circulation until much later in their childhood and therefore they will still benefit from the Tripp Trapp’s adjustable footrest.

   Many high chairs are intended for short term use and will end up either being donated or disposed of on the curbside within just a few short years, but the Tripp Trapp ® is a high quality wooden high chair that will last a lifetime. After its time as a high chair is up, you can use it in the children’s playroom or at a desk when they do their homework. In fact, the kids can sit in the chair up to 300 pounds! 

   Not only is the Stokke Tripp Trapp® an environmentally sound investment due to its longevity, it is also sourced from sustainably managed forests and the manufacturing process is actively supervised at every stage starting from raw material development all the way to distribution. Stokke requires all wood suppliers to comply with strict rules based on long term forest management plans and every supplier, business partner, and member of their value chain must co-sign a code of conduct agreement that outlines their joint responsibilities to ensure proper working conditions, compensations, and production methods. Manufacturing also takes place close to where raw materials are harvested, reducing transport time and emissions. This is so incredibly important because caring for kids means caring for the planet they will inherit and the working environment they will grow into. 

   There are hundreds of possible color combinations you can make with a Tripp Trapp ®, so you will be able to customize yours to match your dining room decor. The high chair comes in the 50th Anniversary ash wood, natural beech wood, or painted colors (only water-based non-toxic paint is used) as well as oak washed colors that give you a more textured look. Tripp Trapp ® Cushions are also available (but not necessary) in different prints and colors for added comfort and style.

   Still not sure which high chair is the right one for your family? Reach out to us anytime via email at We’re always happy to talk shop! You can also contact our Baby Gear Gurus via phone (866-600-BEAN) during business hours (M-F, 9 am-5 pm EST), by utilizing the Product Expert Chat on our website, or by scheduling a video consultation. Finally, get all the advice you need by visiting our YouTube channel!
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