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Sprig Toys

Sprig ToysIn the green department, Sprig Toys had one of the most interesting concepts. Their eco-friendly toy vehicles are kid-powered, meaning that the physical act of playing with the trucks provides enough power to activiate engaging sounds and lights.

I saw a few different companies doing something similar – making toys with all the same bells and whistles as battery-operated toys but they don’t require batteries – just some good, old-fashioned physical activity. Which parenthetically begs the question – for the parents who believe that toys should be powered by the imagination, and not batteries, does this count? If a toy finds a way to make annoying sounds even without batteries, are you really any happier about it?

But I digress. Sprig Toys are made of a completely unique material invented by the company. Sprigwood is a durable, child-safe, bio-composate material made from recycled wood and reclaimed plastic. It feels a lot like wood, but not as smooth. It’s an interesting feel. The cornerstone of the product line is the Discover Rig, a large truck with a removable push bar. Various adventure guide figures from around the world fit into the driver’s seat, and each one has a different story that includes the sounds from their native country. There are other accessories as well, but overall it’s a nice idea and it seems to be well-executed. For more information, visit

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