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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Special Delivery from Cupcakory

Special Delivery from Cupcakory

Coolidge Corner, home of our Brookline store and our corporate headquarters, is a bustling area of town with a friendly aura and a community feel like no other. There’s the Brookline Booksmith, which is an amazing source of new and used books, the Coolidge Corner Theatre,  a stunning non-profit movie house that maintains a retro 1950s look (and has tons of programming for the kiddos), and loads of other local specialty shops. And there’s very, very good food. Our favorite new entry into the fabulous culinary array is the amazing cupcake-filled truck that parks every Friday afternoon beside Peet’s Coffee on Harvard Ave: The Cupcakory, a mobile cupcake bakery that serves Boston locals.

Diane, the owner and head baker of the Cupcakory, bakes fresh and delicious cupcakes every morning. Then she loads up her pastel yellow truck and travels all over Boston’s neighborhoods, including Brookline Village, Jamaica Plain, and Coolidge Corner. She tweets and posts her locations to Facebook – and, for those who have favorite flavors, her tweets and Facebook feed even let you in on what flavors she’s bringing along.

salted-caramelAnd what marvelous flavors they are! The favorite of the Magic Beans office is definitely the Salted Caramel, one of her traditional flavors. It’s this super-moist Dutch chocolate cupcake with caramel frosting that has just the right touch of saltiness. It blows the chocolate-pretzel combination out of the water.

This is not to discount all of her other amazing flavors! This week she’s traveling around with Guinness Stout Cupcakes and Whiskey Truffle – who could resist? There are always traditional flavors available as well:  chocolate-chocolate, or chocolate-vanilla, or vanilla-vanilla, or lemon-vanilla. All of which are the purest form of cupcake you’ll find in this area; they’re classic and darn right good.

The taste is what keeps me coming back to her trucks every Friday, but it’s also great to know that all of her ingredients are locally-sourced and organic. She’s committed to making cupcakes the old-fashioned way, with real chocolate, vanilla, eggs, buttermilk, fresh fruit, etc. The Cupcakory also always offers a Vegan variety of cupcake – and they’re so tasty that you’d never know that they’re animal-product free if peachesDiane didn’t tell you.

There’s just something so lovely and nostalgic about buying fresh-baked cupcakes from a truck. And to top that off, Diane is the sweetest “truck driver” I’ve ever encountered. We love her smile, and she talks to you like she’s known you for years while she carefully packs up your cupcake, or cupcakes in my case, in a delicate box (you don’t want to moosh the frosting). This whole interaction is truly hard to find these days.

The Cupcakory is committed not only to satisfying Boston’s big, hungry sweet tooth, but also to build a special tradition – a time each week to savor a moment and embrace the spirit of community. It’s a pleasure that only small businesses can grant you, and keeps me coming back.

To add some frosting to the sweetest of cakes, the Cupcakory will be parked outside our Wellesley store for our Bugaboo Donkey Preview Party on Saturday, April 2 at 7 p.m. Diane is also graciously providing us with scrumptious mini-cupcakes (oh, tiny bites of heaven!) for the party itself. RSVP for the party here.

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