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South Shore, here we come (again)

South Shore, here we come (again)


Last February, we closed our Hingham store. It was a very hard decision, and at the time we vowed to return to the South Shore as soon as possible. In the months that followed, we spent a lot of time driving around Route 3 and looking for a new home. A few months ago, we found it. But by then, we were also working on opening our new store in Fairfield. For about a minute, we considered trying to get both stores open for the holidays, but then we remembered what it was like when we we did that in 2007 with Wellesley and Hingham. As I recall, it felt like giving birth to twins in two different hospitals. To attempt that again with one store out of state was nothing short of insanity. 

So we took a deep breath and focused on getting Fairfield open and supporting our existing stores and website through the busy holiday season. Now the dust has settled, and we were ready to make an announcement this week. But after Isis broke their news, it just didn’t seem like the right time. Honestly, it still doesn’t feel like the right time, but somehow the word is getting out, and facts are always better than rumors.

We are very excited to announce that we will be returning to the South Shore this spring. We will be opening in Norwell in the same building as our good friends at Mamas Move, a wonderful mom-owned business that provides fitness classes for moms, classes of all kinds for parents, babies and kids, and offers an awesome Explorazone indoor playspace for babies through age 6. We couldn’t ask for better neighbors.

It’s worth noting that our friends at Isis reached out to us and asked if their team members on the South Shore could be the first to know about any employment opportunities at our new location. It is very inspiring that, in the midst of a very difficult week, the Isis leadership is making it a priority to help their people as much as they can. We are more than happy to oblige. We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have a firm opening date.

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