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Memorial Day Weekend Extravaganza Sale (click here) | Free shipping $99+

Smart Storage for Stuffed Friends

If you’ve got kids, chances are you’ve got a menagerie of stuffed animals too. Most children have an almost magnetic attraction to stuffed animals. There’s just something about those cute, fuzzy faces that kids (and gift-giving relatives) can’t resist. And while a select few might make for snuggly bedfellows and cute room accents, they can easily get out of hand. Storage bins are one solution, but Boon has an even better idea.

The Boon Animal Bag is a soft, round bag with a big, zippered mesh window on top. Fill it up with as many stuffed animals as you can find, and it’s suddenly an inviting, squishy seat. Kids love to curl up on top with a book, or unzip the lid and unleash the furry friends within. Cleaning up is more fun, too, since you aren’t just eliminating the mess, you’re also rebuilding a favorite place to sit.

My kids love this product so much, but their favorite part is that translucent window, through which they can easily spot their favorite companions (and giggle about the funny, squished-up facial expressions). The Animal Bag is a multitasking, space-saving steal at $40.

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