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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!

Skyrocketing Orbit

The Orbit Infant System is already popular with parents, but with the imminent release of their toddler car seat, I think we ain’t seen nothing yet. After a long wait, I have finally laid eyes on the new convertible car seat designed to fit into the Orbit Infant System. And while this design is not nearly as revolutionary or iconic as the infant seat, it’s well thought out and well executed.

The Toddler Car Seat looks a lot like the other convertible car seats on the market, but there’s a key difference. You can use it rear facing to 35 pounds and snap it into and out of the very same base you’d use for the infant system. Or you can install it on the fly with just LATCH or seatbelts. It’s truly a dream come true for parents; take it from someone who went through major withdrawal when she had to transition her first baby out of the infant car seat. I can still remember the elaborate slow-motion maneuvers designed to get her out of her car seat an into the stroller without waking up. I don’t think I ever succeeded.

Forward facing, the car seat will accommodate a child to 50 pounds, but it must be installed using a seatbelt or LATCH connector. This is wise on two counts, first because it encourages parents to keep children rear facing for longer, and second because it discourages parents from trying to lift a heavy child plus a car seat at an awkward angle, a recipe for injury.

I was not able to take pictures, but I’m told the car seat will be available before the end of this year. I’ve got my fingers crossed. This system just keeps on getting better.

Speaking of improvements, they’ve already made a few. Next year, the Orbit product line will use no PVC in their raincovers. They’ve also addressed one of the only complaints we’ve heard about the product – storage space. They’ve created an awesome collapsible shopping basket that can be attached to either side of the buggy, or you can use two. It stays flush against the side of the frame until you need to use it and then you can pop it out and fill it up. It is sized to handle a standard size paper grocery bag. What will they think of next?

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