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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Skip*Hop Zoo Luggage is fun on wheels

Skip*Hop Zoo Luggage is fun on wheels

When I first saw the prototype for the Skip*Hop Zoo Luggage at Toy Fair, I’m pretty sure I actually squealed. It’s really hard to find nice, kid-scale luggage, and traveling tots love having their own suitcase to tow around. You can always count on the folks at Skip*Hop to spot a parent problem and figure out a clever solution. Their Zoo characters have been a big success all around, thanks to the fantastic designs. Now, they’ve taken them on the road, with rolling bags that are big enough to hold plenty of stuff and small enough for kids to maneuver down the jetway.

I got to test-drive the Owl on a recent family trip, and I thought it was fantastic. I used it as a carry-on bag for my 3.5-year-old son. I packed it up with some books, an old iPad and headphones, some toys, and a change of clothes (just in case). Everything fit with plenty of room to spare.

At the airport, my older kids wanted a turn wheeling the suitcase around, which was fine since it was a little easier to keep their brother strapped in to his stroller while we navigated through security to our gate.

I discovered, as we were gathering our belongings after the x-ray machine, that the bag had a really nice strap for an adult to sling over a shoulder, in case the child responsible for the bag should get distracted. This is far more comfortable than trying to wheel the bag, since the handle is made for children and is too short to be used by an adult.

On the plane, the bag fit perfectly under the seat, making it easy to access throughout the flight.

As we waited to get our luggage, the suitcase was a great source of entertainment for the kids, who took turns pulling it all around baggage claim. Bonus!

So now that I’ve shared some photos, it’s your turn. We are co-hosting a contest on Pinterest with our friends at Skip*Hop. Enter now, and you could be traveling in style with an owl of your own.

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