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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Silver Cross returns

Kensington PramAfter a sudden and unannounced withdrawal from the US market in 2005, Silver Cross is starting over. Hopefully this is good news. The new distributor, London Bridge Partners, is affiliated with Infantino, a well-run company that currently specializes in toys and some limited baby gear. They seem to have their act together, with a nice catalog and a well-organized product selection.

I’m most excited to see that they’ve brought back the popular Micro stroller, which is a lightweight, umbrella-style stroller similar to the Maclaren Volo, but with an included seat pad and carrying bag. They’re calling it the Micro V.2, but to the naked eye, the changes are fairly minimal.

There are three other heavy (27 lbs+) stroller models in the catalog, but I think I remember seeing another lightweight model, too. It’s late at night, so I can’t be sure.

Then, of course, the prams are back, too, and there are some gorgeous new colors. The exquisite Balmoral, the slightly smaller Kensington, and the astonishingly expensive doll stroller. But if you’re shopping for the child who simply must have the best, don’t miss the totally extravagent rocking horse, Merlin. Each piece is handcrafted from solid wood, hand painted and individually numbered. Only 100 are being produced. It will cost more than your first car, but it will last for generations.

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