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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Silver Cross Jet 2020 | Stroller First Look ( Ratings | Review )

Silver Cross Jet 2020 | Stroller First Look ( Ratings | Review )

One of the oldest stroller brands in the world is getting a new upgrade! The Silver Cross Jet 2020, the most recent iteration of Silver Cross’s lightweight stroller, will be available in Spring of next year. Want the inside scoop on all of the Jet 2020 updates? Check out our video review above, then read on for all the details!


Silver Cross Jet 2020

According to Silver Cross, there will be a whopping 62 updates made to the 2020 version of the Jet. The most obvious of these updates is the stroller’s new-and-improved stability; while earlier iterations of the Silver Cross Jet didn’t always have the most stable stroll, the Jet 2020 has updated ball bearings in its wheels, giving it a smoother strolling ability. These updates are complemented by the Jet 2020’s larger, more customizable seating and by a new peekaboo window in the canopy of the stroller. 

Even with all of these updates, though, the Jet 2020 is still super lightweight and is perfect for traveling. The Jet 2020 even comes with a cover specifically made for protecting the stroller while in the overhead bin of an airplane! And, of course, the Jet 2020 is still has full-recline capabilities and is newborn compatible.

The Silver Cross Jet 2020 won’t be available for purchase until Spring 2020, but in the meantime you can purchase the Silver Cross Jet 2019 at Magic Beans. Plus, stay tuned to our website for any updates on when the Jet 2020 will be on sale! 


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