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Saving the best for last?

Saving the best for last?

Tripp Trapp chairsOf all the major vendors I’ve covered from the Kind+Jugend show, I still haven’t talked about Stokke. We saved their booth for last, mostly because it was so incredibly crowded each time we tried to go in. They were on the lower level of the show, which was a lot quieter than the upper level. Most booths were empty or had light traffic, but Stokke was hopping nonstop.

They were showing a new, high-back accessory for the Tripp Trapp chair, which will provide extra support for little ones. It will be color-coordinated with the chairs, and it looked very sharp. I’m not sure of the timeframe on getting this into the US. Note that this photo shows the chairs with the high back and the color-coordinated wooden babyrail, standard in Europe. It would be nice if the plastic version they’re using in the US could come in colors, too…

Of course, they were also showing off the Xplory, their furniture and bedding sets, all to great response. Interestingly, we saw a lot of Xplory strollers in use by parents walking the show. Maybe it’s the nice, clean air here in Norway, but I’m falling hard for that stroller. More on that to come.

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