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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Sage Spoonfuls debuts at Magic Beans

Sage Spoonfuls debuts at Magic Beans

When I first heard about Sage Spoonfuls (from the lovely Jamie Grayson), I was intrigued. And a little skeptical, too. There are a lot of interesting products out there for making homemade baby food. What made this one so special? But then I met Liza and saw the products in person, and I was very impressed.

Liza, who is actress Susan Lucci’s daughter and an accomplished actress in her own right, started Sage Spoonfuls because she loved making her own baby food, but didn’t find any set of products that met her standards for parents who were committed to feeding their babies homemade food. She wanted something that could produce batches large enough to freeze and use for several weeks. She wanted to steam her fruits and veggies in something that was not plastic, and she wanted BPA-free storage containers that acted like baby food jars, so she could grab one from the freezer and go. She also wanted a resource that provided all of the essential information parents needed to choose, cook, and store all of the various ingredients.

Fortunately, Liza stopped wishing and made the products herself! The cornerstone of her Sage Spoonfuls line is Liza’s incredible cookbook, which is well-researched, vetted by experts, and very thorough. The graphic design and photography is very impressive, too. It’s an indispensable reference for anyone who is interested in cooking baby food.

While a lot of the baby food appliances on the market perform both the steaming and the pureeing, Liza took a different approach. She reasoned that most households already have a steamer and a pot, so the real challenge was finding a really great way to produce nice, smooth purees. She also felt that small-batch production wasn’t efficient in the long run – it’s so much faster to make a larger batch, and then store and freeze the food to use over the course of the following weeks. So Liza designed a unique dual-purpose appliance that works as either an immersion blender or a food processor. The same powerful motor can be used for either one.

Finally, Liza developed a storage system with 4-ounce jars made of BPA-free plastic, and manufactured in the USA. The jars fit into stackable trays, making them very easy to manage in the freezer.

The Let’s Get Started Package is just $89.99, and includes the cookbook, the immersion blender/food processor and the storage system. I think it’s an incredible value for a system that makes it easy for even the busiest parents to produce healthy, homemade baby food.

We’re proud to be the only store in the Boston area to offer the Sage Spoonfuls line! This coming weekend, you can meet Liza and see her demonstrate the Sage Spoonfuls system. She’s so lovely, and she’s happy to answer any questions you may have about making your own baby food. Liza’s visit is just one part of our Stroller Spectacular, happening this weekend in all our stores.

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