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Rody makes it to Newsweek’s Tip Sheet

Rody makes it to Newsweek’s Tip Sheet

Amen, sister. The current issue of Newsweek features the Rody on their Tip Sheet for great toys for this holiday season. This inflatable rubber horse is a personal favorite of mine, not to mention my kids, and it is one of my top recommendations for kids between the ages of 1 and 4 (Newsweek says 2, probably because it can be a bit tippy with babies who aren’t steady on their feet yet). Little riders sit on his back and hang onto his ears, then bounce to their heart’s content. It’s increadibly well-made and sturdy. I’ve personally bounced on ours, and it held my weight easily.

We recently inflated one and displayed it in the store, and we sold out within a week. Not to worry though, we’ve got a bunch more coming next week.

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