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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Rock a Bye, Baby: Bassinets by Cariboo

Cariboo ClassicDeciding where your newborn will sleep isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Parents plan, but babies don’t always get the memo. My mother bought me a beautiful cradle when I was expecting my first baby. And yet, my newborn, only hours old, decided that she would only sleep for any length of time if she was lying on top of me. Or her father. She wasn’t picky, as long as she had a heartbeat pounding up against her ear. I won’t even divulge the number of hours my daughter actually spent in that cradle (it still makes me cringe), but let’s just say it didn’t see much action.

Like most parents, we just wanted to have our baby close at hand, to keep a steady vigil and to make nighttime feedings less disruptive. Now there are more options than ever for parents looking to bunk with their newborns. Cradles, co-sleepers, pack-n-plays, bassinets, snuggle nests… the list goes on and on, and every expert has a strong opinion. But if you’re opting for a cradle or bassinet, make sure you check out the new Cariboo line, a New Zealand import distributed in the US by Scandinavian Child.

Cariboo bassinets are beautiful enough to complement the decor of a sophisticated master bedroom, yet they are also comfortable enough to lull a newborn into some serious shuteye. Constructed from sustainable native New Zealand Radiata wood, the Cariboo bassinets come in three designs, the Classic Bassinet, the Folding Bassinet and the Gentle Motions Bassinet.

The Classic (pictured) is the most visually appealing of the three, but for parents in tight quarters, the other two designs offer the convenience of folding away. The Gentle Motions is a great choice for high-maintenance babies (like mine), since it hangs almost like a hammock and sways soothingly with the baby’s natural movements. It can also be adjusted to elevate the head of a colicky baby.

Cariboo also makes coordinating changing tables, including a folding changing table and (best of all) a changing surface that can be attached to any of their bassinets.

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