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Robeez goes luxe

Robeez goes luxe

Six years ago, when I was a first-time mom and before Magic Beans, I “discovered” these neat new baby shoes that actually stayed on my daughter’s feet. Finally, no more lost socks! It was a revelation. It was no small wonder that Robeez caught on in a big way. Now they are pretty much ubiquitous. The designs have come a long way since that first pair I bought, and Robeez has grown into a mature company. Mature enough, in fact, to attract the attention of Stride Rite, which bought the company last year.

Earlier this year, Robeez debuted Tredz, their line of toddler shoes, which offer a thicker sole and more traditional shoe-like designs. This was a logical next step for them, and the Tredz have had a warm reception from parents. Now, their newest introduction is The Luxury Collection, a line of high-end soft-soled shoes that uses super-premium, buttery soft leather, offers a cushioned insole and features designs that are more elegant than whimsical. They also offer a slightly different sizing scale with a new 0-3 month size that is significantly smaller than their traditional 0-6 month shoe, which generally swims on little newborn feet. The packaging is beautiful and very appealing for gift-givers looking to find something special for a new arrival.

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