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Book a Baby Gear Consultation (click here) | Free Shipping $99+

Retro Cool

Snoopy Sno Cone MakerLook what’s back! The Snoopy Sno Cone Maker has been rereleased by Sababa Toys, and it’s exactly the product you and I remember so fondly. Originally released in 1979, this was a runaway bestseller and a summer fixture in millions of homes (mine included). If you never had one, basically you pop some ice cubes into a compartment at the top, you turn a crank to shave the ice into “snow” then shovel the snow into a cup. Fill the little snowman with flavor syrup, and finish off your sno cone with a quick squirt or two. So easy and delicious. This is a great opportunity to introduce your kids to the Peanuts characters, so they don’t look at you like you’re crazy when you try to make them watch “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” (is that just me??). For ages 4 and up.

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