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Rest, relaxation and gestation

Forgive me for what is hopefully the last major interruption in my blogging schedule for a long time. We just got back from a wonderful family vacation in Costa Rica, where we got to spend lots of time in the sunshine with our two girls. It was really a nice break, and much needed for all of us, after a very hectic few months.

You already know that I’ve been pretty distracted with the new stores opening, but there’s been something else going on that I haven’t been able to discuss – until now. I’m pregnant! Number three will be making an appearance near the end of July, God willing. If you’re a good friend or a member of our family, and this is the way you’re hearing the news, please accept my apologies. Once we told the kids, all bets were off as to how fast word would spread.

And we did tell the kids, right before we left for our trip. They were surprisingly enthusiastic about it. The celebration was compounded when my eldest discovered a loose tooth – her first (“This is the best day EVER!”). Everything was going fine until, in the Atlanta airport, she had a moment of great clarity that clouded her earlier joy. We’d just landed, and everyone was tired and hungry. As we approached the food court, my little one was on the verge of a tantrum and my husband decided he needed a new pair of sunglasses. As we huddled on a bench outside of Sunglass Hut, trying to keep everyone sane for just five more minutes, Audrey turned to me and said, “Mom, what were you thinking? Everything is going to be SO much harder with a new baby.” OK, it was exactly what I was thinking, too, but I wasn’t going to admit that to her.

So hopefully you’ll understand now why I haven’t been able to stay up late enough for my traditional post-midnight blog fest. With the first trimester behind me, I’m hoping my stamina will come back (don’t worry, Mom, I won’t overdo it).

Meanwhile, my sister and I always hoped we would be pregnant at the same time, so mission accomplished, at least for a few more weeks – her due date is almost here!

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