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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans



I thought this might make a nice Wordless Wednesday post (my first, but whatever). Then I realized, it’s been pretty wordless around here for a few weeks, and a little explanation might be in order.

See, here’s the thing. People always assume that December is the craziest month of all for me, and, fine, that’s probably true. But there’s this misconception that January is quiet. It’s not.

In January, we need to do all the things we couldn’t fit in to December. We need to return all the phone calls (or try to), read all the emails (or try to), and – oh yes – restock the empty stores with new, 2010 product. The catalogs come fast and furious, sales reps call for appointments, and somewhere in there, I need to take a vacation.

Yes. Need to.

For the weeks between Halloween and New Years, our kids spend a lot of time with babysitters. By the time January rolls around, they’re feeling pretty neglected. A few days in the sunshine (with no babysitters) recharges everyone’s batteries and gives us a fresh start for the new year.

All this just to explain why I haven’t posted in a while. I was on vacation. And it was fabulous. Now I’m home and ready to rock the blog again.

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