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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans

Really useful jewelry

Nursing BraceletWhen there’s a newborn in the picture, life tends to be pretty fuzzy. Parents are usually sleep deprived, and the sameness of the routine causes the hours and days to blend together. This state of mind is directly at odds with your pediatrician’s desire that you keep meticulous records of how often your baby is eating. You consider yourself very lucky if you remember (or can tell) which side you nursed last time. But now, along comes a solution that’s not only elegant and efficient – it’s also a cute accessory.

The Nursing Bracelet is a beaded bracelet that intersperses glass or semi-precious beads with numbers that relate to the hours of the day. With each feeding, you move the silver charm to mark the time of the feeding, to the closest quarter-hour. You can also wear the bracelet on your left or right wrist, to remind yourself which side you’re on. Once the baby is feeding more regularly, you can use the charm to mark the number of feedings in a day. The Nursing Bracelent was created by Unique Mums, a trio of Brooklyn moms, and recently received an iParenting Media Award for Best Product of 2005 in the “Just for Moms” category.

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