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Read to your child even when you’re not there, with Sparkup! A mom’s review

Read to your child even when you’re not there, with Sparkup! A mom’s review

The Sparkup Magical Book Reader lets your child relive the magic of storytime even when you’re not in the room: just record yourself reading a storybook, and kids can replay your voice reading just by flipping the pages! We asked Tirzah Palcynski Katz to give Sparkup a try with her kids: Tirzah is a mom of two, a dear friend of Magic Beans, and a nanny with 9 years of experience in Boston, so she knows what kids like! And it sounds like Sparkup was a real hit with her family.


theoreadsWith a little sibling around, there are plenty of times when my three-year-old has to entertain himself solo, and Sparkup is a great way to keep him busy!

The reader was easy to set up, with simple step-by-step instructions; a tiny camera in the Sparkup device registers which page you’re reading as you go through it, so as your child flips to that page, it selects the correct audio clip. We chose to record stories page by page, so that it’s easy to rerecord a page; make sure you choose a quiet area to record so it comes out clearly and easy to hear.

Once I handed it over to my son, he had no trouble at all using it – all you need to do is clip it to a book that’s recorded on the device, and it will identify the correct files! My son was able to clip it on the books he knew were recorded by himself, and didn’t need help. He loved having his own “gadget” to use!

The Sparkup was so great when I was putting my younger son down for a nap and my older son was still having quiet time. He loved hearing my voice read the books, and we surprised him with Daddy’s recording, which was a big success! The Sparkup was also great for keeping him busy on long car rides with both parents riding in the front. It is small and so convenient for travel!


The Sparkup Magical Book Reader is recommended for kids ages 1 and up, and it can hold up to 250 minutes of audio, or about 50 storybooks – great for keeping little kids busy, and developing early reading skills! 

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