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Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Thank you so much for nearly 20 years of support!
Quick Gift Wrapping Tips

Quick Gift Wrapping Tips

We always provide free gift wrapping at Magic Beans. However, some wrapping is  inevitably in your future this holiday season. So, here are a few tips for your wrapping ease and pleasure.

1. Use a nice strong paper. It will hold up well when you re-do folds.

2. Measuring your paper first will make the wrapping process a lot easier. You need a little more wrapping paper than the width of one side of the present.

3. If you end up with too much paper, it’s easy to just cut it off. Don’t worry if the edges aren’t straight, you’ll be folding most of the paper under anyway.

4. Use any extra strips of wrapping paper as packing material for any presents you have to ship.

5. If you’re wrapping an oddly-shaped object, like a stuffed animal, cover it with a couple pieces of tissue paper to create some structure and some “faux corners” to wrap around. You can also use your fingers as a place holder for corners.

6. The less paper you use, the easier it is to wrap your present. Extra paper wrinkles easily.

7. Stickers are a great stand-in for bows when you’re shipping packages. No matter how your transporting the present, a sticker always stays intact.

8. If you’re traveling, tie the ribbon around the package, but wait until you arrive at your destination to curl it and make a bow on top. This way it wont crumple.

9. Sometimes all you need is a bow – especially when it comes to bigger items.

10. For more in-depth wrapping techniques, check out our quick and fun video tutorial.

Do you have any other wrapping tips to share?

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