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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Pure Genius for Plush

Pure Genius for Plush

OttoWhen it comes to organizing stuffed animals, I face vexing challenges from every possible angle. At home, my kids collect these soft friends and they pile up in fluffy heaps, consigned to bins, baskets or anything else that can possibly keep them out from underfoot. At the store, the issues are similar, but the quantities are immense and the gratification is fleeting. I’ve spent hours lining up Uglydolls and beanie babies in perky rows only to watch an exuberant toddler undo everything in ten seconds flat. Which happens at home too, come to think of it.

When I first saw the Stuffed Animal Bags from Boon, I tried to buy one of the prototypes. The store will always be a challenge, but this was the answer to my prayers for home. Basically, these bags come in three sizes. You stuff them with stuffed animals and voila, you have yourself an instant beanbag-style chair. Brilliant, and, no surprise, invented by a mother.

I brought home the medium sized bag, the Otto, and tested it out on the bins of plush in my older daughter’s room. At first, she was suspicious, then anxious as she tried to rescue her favorites from the bright blue abyss. When she realized, though, that her buddies weren’t being donated to the goodwill, she calmed down. Once I had filled the bag, she was actually delighted, testing out the chair and peering through the translucent windows to murmer sweet nothings. The zipper pulls are chunky enough that she was easily able to open and close the various portals. When asked her favorite thing about the new piece of furniture, she stroked the minky exterior dreamily and said, “it’s so soft!”





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