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Puj Tub reinvents the infant bathtub

This is what happens when product designers become parents: very creative problem solving. The Puj Tub (pronounced “pudge”) is the coolest new baby product I’ve seen in a long time. Bathing infants in a sink is always a challenge, but not anymore, thanks to this clever foam and magnet concoction. Snap it together and it forms a supportive, origami-esque basin that rests in the sink. After bath, drain the water, shake it open, wipe it clean and hang it to dry. When the Puj tub first came out, they were selling it directly, and the price point was a whopping $99. Thankfully, they’ve been able to reduce their manufacturing costs, and the retail price when it arrives in November will be a very reasonable $39.99. Watch the video and be amazed.

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