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Playmobil update

First of all, thank you. We’ve had a huge show of support, and it’s really made us feel a whole lot better about this situation. In four years of blogging, I’ve only called a company on the carpet one other time, and it was when an Amtrak conductor insisted I cover up while breastfeeding on the train. I’ve seen the ugliness when a bad story snowballs, and I think that bloggers have a responsibility to think before they publish. I try to live by that.

I told the Playmobil story primarily because we take a lot of pride in our customer service and I needed our customers to understand why we weren’t able to deliver as promised. I wasn’t sure how Playmobil would react, or even whether they would react But I did get a call today. Patrick Brennan, the Director of Sales was apologetic, but the reality is, there’s not much they can do about it. We’re just one of 400 retailers who are not getting orders shipped. They never expected this product to be this sensational, bottom line. That doesn’t really excuse or explain the direct internet sales issue, but he didn’t want to discuss that. We’re all moving forward.

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