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Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Find the best in Baby Gear at Magic Beans
Pebble Mattress leaves no stone unturned

Pebble Mattress leaves no stone unturned

Nook Pebble Crib MattressI get to see a lot of interesting product concepts in this job. But the new Pebble Mattress from Nook Sleep Systems completely stopped me in my tracks. It isn’t so much a mattress as a total reimagining of the infant sleep environment.

Aesthetically, it is stunning. The asymmetry of the pebble shapes and the vivid colors of the mattresses make for a gorgeous combination. I saw it and instantly I coveted it. For my baby and for myself. But as nice as it is on the outside, the Pebble Mattress is all about what lies beneath.

Babies spend roughly 75% of their time asleep, and research has shown again and again how oxygen-rich sleeping environments are essential for preventing SIDS and promoting healthy growth and development. Every element of this design was carefully considered to ensure peace of mind.

The Pebble mattress is constructed of purely non-toxic materials, so there’s no off-gassing. The core is natural latex, a material which, unlike synthetic latex, is hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, breathable and firm. There’s a layer of PETE, a strong, fibrous material made from recycled water bottles, which promotes good airflow. The whole mattress is wrapped in certified organic wool, and then the Pebble cover is made of a combination of organic cotton and eucalyptus, treated with a layer of zinc, a powerful, natural microbe resister. The cover is specially treated to resist spills, so liquid just beads up on the surface, and it wipes clean. The irregular peaks and valleys of the pebble shapes allow lots of air to circulate.

The company says you don’t even need to use a fitted sheet with this mattress, but for parents who prefer it, they make an amazing fitted sheet from a blend of organic cotton and eucalyptus. That fabric is also infused with oxygen to preserve the airflow through the material. They also make a lovely, organic cotton napsack that’s color coordinated to the mattresses.

The initial investment isn’t insignificant. The mattress is $550 and the extra cover (AKA the Pebble Wrap) is $180 (even after seeing how soil-resistant the cover is, I wouldn’t risk being caught without a spare). The fitted sheets go for $60 apiece. But the high-end materials coupled with the design and technology that has gone into this product justifies the price point.

Peek inside the Pebble with this video I took at last month’s ABC Spring Conference.

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